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Work Radio - Music Designed For Coding

 — #Coding#Radio

You can go ahead and start listening to Work Radio while you read this

Most developers I know listen to music while they code. When the meetings are over, the headphones come out.

And devs aren’t alone. According to a study Spotify conducted in 2014, 61% of people listen to music while they work — mostly to stay focused, and to drown out surrounding noise.

So, I decided to code a simple music player with hand-picked tracks.

Choosing the tunes

I made a couple decisions early on:

  • There would be no advertisements.
  • The genre would be instrumental downtempo music, which is relaxing and non-distracting.

Again, here's a link to Work Radio

Be sure to bookmark Work Radio and come back. I'll continue to expand and refine the playlist, and add additional features. You can tweet about Work Radio using the #WorkRadio hashtag.

Enjoy the tunes, and happy coding! 🤓