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I love Jesus with all my heart.
I love people, family, art, music, photography, developing, biliard, chess, blogging & travel.
I’m passionate Web / WordPress Developer with a love for art.
Born and raised in Macedonia, now based in Switzerland.
For over 5 years i’ve been working on various projects involving both front-end and back-end development.

what can i do?

Front-End Coding

I will optimally implement your processes and simply digitize your business.


I will program your online shop according to your business model. Technology have to support your business.

Single page APPs

Performance, Scalability, Reusable Components, One Way Data Flow – the perfect ingredients for single-page applications. Single Page APPs driven websites based on Laravel, Angular, Vue.js.

Web Design

Your website should reach your target group and create new customers. The first impression is decisive.

Wordpress Developer

Very often, WordPress blogs are filled with a lot of content and must be cleanly structured in order to make the navigation easier for the visitor.

WooCommerce Development

I know the ins and outs of WooCommerce and i can help you get your eCommerce site running in a matter of weeks.

What others say about me

“Dejan was always goal-oriented and worked independently . He has exercised his position to our fullest satisfaction and has met our expectations in every view. He was always able to cope with severe workloads.”

Heinz GeislerGepasystem GmbH, Weinstadt, Germany

“Dejan is characterised by a high level of motivation. He
completed the tasks assigned to him to our full satisfaction. By virtue of
his good comprehension, he has quickly incorporated in his tasks.
He also acquired extensive specialist and practical knowledge in the projects.
His behaviour towards supervisors, employees, suppliers and customers was
always very friendly and professional, he was appreciated by all.”

Simon KünzlerXeit GmbH, Zurich, Switzerland

“Dejan mastered his work area extensively and found useful solutions. Even when the workload increased and under timed pressure, he has managed it well. He worked very hard in his field and has successfully pursued the agreed goals. The quality of his work results has fully met our requirements and he fulfilled every single task assigned to him. His behavior towards superiors, colleagues and customers was always impeccable.”

Roland KlassElanders GmbH, Waiblingen, Germany

“Dejan is very passionate web developer and genuinely enjoys what he does which reflects in his work. He has strong work ethic, very friendly and easygoing personality and collaborating with him is great fun. He has great knowledge and he helped me a lot during my beginnings as a web developer.”

Dimitar DimitrievWeb Developer, Strumica, Macedonia

from PSD to WordPress developer

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